Last Updated: 10/2020

Corbett Made brushes will probably be perfectly fine if left alone. Wood is pretty durable, after all. However, there are some recommended care steps you can take to keep your brush looking and feeling great, as well as protect it from the oils and sweat on your hands.

As time goes on these care instructions may change, be sure to check back if you are ever unsure.

  • Black-dyed bristles may produce dark streaks when brand new.
    • Until broken in, test the brush on an unimportant surface and keep the bristles dry to prevent staining.
  • Keep the brush dry
    • In order to create a natural wood feel the brush is not sealed with a lacquer or other hard coating. Repeated direct contact with moisture could cause damage, prolonged contact definitely will.
  • Avoid dramatic changes in humidity
    • Wood moves and responds to humidity. Gradual changes such as the changing of seasons should pose no risk, however sudden dramatic changes or extremes could. Keep your brush out of the sauna, and it is not recommended to store it in the bathroom where frequent hot and humid conditions may occur.
  • Occasionally apply and buff on wax
    • Your brush is beautiful! You should keep it that way. A few times a year (or more often as you wish) apply a small amount of wax and buff vigorously with a polishing microfiber cloth to maintain its sheen as well as protect from the oils and sweat on your hands. It can also be handy to do more often if you prefer a more tacky non-slip feel to your brush.
    • DO NOT use suede-style microfiber cloths (like glasses cleaning cloths).
    • Recommended products
      • Texas Beeswax filtered pure beeswax (tacky)
      • Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish (smooth)
      • Microfiber Cloth