An olivewood and boarhair brush sitting amongst tools in a woodshop

Our brushes are made with American woods. Grown, harvested, and milled by tradesmen on both coasts, then dried in our shop. Each brush is hand made and unique, carrying its own character.

The majority of our brushes are made using a traditional Japanese 手植え “Teue”, or “hand planting” technique where the bristles are hand-inserted and held with wire stitching which is then sealed.

Each brush comes with a certificate indicating production number, wood, bristle, inlay materials and finish.


  • Olivewood
  • Elm
  • Walnut
  • TBD


  • Boars Hair (availability not guaranteed)
    • Excellent for personal brushes or oil carrying brushes- facial/beard/etc
  • Black Tampico
    • Good for more strenuous applications. Bench, boot, dust, etc brushes.
  • Horse Hair (Coming soon)
    • Polishing, light dusting, gentle surfaces


  • .999 Fine Silver (Available)
  • Brass (Coming soon)