2020, am I right?

There is simply no possible way I could summarize, simplify, illustrate, or interpret 2020. I’ll leave that to the historians.

But a lot has changed for me. We did finally make that move, bigger place. I finally built my workbench, grew my tool collection, even started making something with enough confidence to sell it: My Teue heirloom brushes.

I began learning Inlay, being loosely taught by Paul Hamler, absorbing as much as I can while he has time for me. It’s difficult to learn such a physical skill over the phone and email, but I’ve made great progress and I can’t believe how far I’ve come already.

We even have another little one joining us at the end of the year, which will mean another round of sleepless nights.

I can’t promise to update this blog more often, I do find it difficult to aggrandize my journey. But it is on-going, as it will be.