Change is afoot

When I first launched this website, my life was a wreck. We had a brand new daughter, and I was working on tool restorations late into the night while she slept her two hour long naps in between feedings.

But babies are moving targets, so my time was constantly on the move too.

I’ve continued collecting tools and beginning new restorations, but not being able to update the site to reflect my work – and I’ve been really bad about documenting them. I’m working on changing this now, and as always I do actively post my projects on Instagram so you can always check there.

In the meantime, we have a move coming up to a new larger place to accommodate our family, and coincidentally, I will be acquiring some more space to set up for restoration and wood working.

I’ve got a few new projects I can’t wait to share with you, such as a Stanley #50 I acquired, a wooden Scottish fillitster plane, my grandfathers #78, and plenty more that are coming and in the works.

Can’t wait to be making some videos and posts about these coming adventures